Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekly Recap 8/4/2013

Goodreads Links:
A Matter of Fate by: Heather Lyons
Foreplay by: Sophie Jordan
Cake by: Nicole Reed
Flat Out Love by: Jessica Park
Up To Me by: M. Leighton

Beautiful Darkness by: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Into The Deep by: Samantha Young

Waiting On Wednesday: The Fall of Five by: Pittacus Lore

Other Fun:


  1. Oh, I wanna read Flat Out Love, lemme know how you like it. Also, Foreplay sounds good. Omg! Up to Me! You know I'm dying for that one!

    Confessions of a Vi3tBabe
    Deity Island

  2. Flat out love is a fun one! Hope you enjoy.


  3. Aww! I'm glad to hear busy season is almost over at work. I feel you though. I start school again tomorrow so I will be having to cut way back on blog and books. :( Eeeep! I hope you love A Matter of Fate as much as I did! I will be waiting to hear what you think! And yay Up To Me! I want that one. Even though I need to read Down to You still. LOL. Anyways! Enjoy your new books! I need to go not be lazy and write a couple of reviews. SINCE I READ HOPELESS! And I can't start Losing Hope until I do. <3

    1. OMG YOU READ HOPELESS! I'm going to twitter to tweet you right now!

  4. I seriously need to get my hands on M. Leighton's Bad Boys series. And I agree the Up To Me cover is delicious! ;p And A Matter of Fate sounds really interesting, I'm going to have to check it out. Hope you enjoy all the books you got...and remember...just keep looking forward to that vacation time! lol ;p Awesome haul, Teresa!

    ~ Maida xoxo

  5. Awesome haul. Me and you get a lot of similiar titles. Looks like we both got Foreplay this week. Come visit me as well.

    Books of Love

  6. Nice book haul, Teresa! Cake and Foreplay both look good. And now I want a cupcake. lol
    Enjoy your books!

  7. Ah! I loved Flat-Out Love! Such a good read!! And Also look at all those other amazing books! M. Leighton! YES, Please!!

    Good that busy season is almost over! Need some R&R (reading and relaxing) :D

    Great haul, Teresa!! :)

    1. Yes I do need some R&R or just normal working hours again lol


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