Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekly Recap 7/28/2013

I completely spazz fangirl all over this vlog... so be warned

Goodreads Links:
Origin by: Jennifer L. Armentrout
No Attachments by: Tiffany King
Catching Liam by: Sophia Bleu
Promise of Shadows by: Justina Ireland
These Broken Stars by: Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner
Near & Far by: Nicole Williams
Belladonna by: Fiona Paul
Up To Me by: M. Leighton
Everything For Us by: M. Leighton

Everbound by: Brodi Ashton
The Sea of Tranquility by: Katja Millay

Waiting On Wednesday: Origin by: Jennifer L. Armentrout



  1. The most epic of epic weeks of books! HOLY CRAP! I am fangirling right there with you! And awww! I so freaking <3 you! :D I'm always happy to assist in your one-clicking! You're going to love both No Attachments and Catching Liam! I am starting Near and Far tomorrow and eeeeeeeek! I'm so excited since I finished Lost and Found yesterday. I am so freaking in love with Jesse! I got These Broken Stars too which made me so excited because I never thought I would get it either! ANYWAYS. I can't wait to hear what you think of Origin!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I'm going to stop being a spaz now. :D

  2. Aah, I cannot wait to read Origin! I need to know what happens!!!

    Here's Mine @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

  3. EEP! I got Origin too!!! Gonna read them straight through from Shadows. So excited.


  4. Up to me looks great, hope you enjoy!

  5. Near and Far was awesome!! Catching Liam has been getting tons of great reviews. Enjoy your books, Teresa!

  6. Origin looks fantastic. Frigid has such a pretty cover. Come visit me as well.


  7. Gosh, there any recap where you don't get awesome books!!?? I can't wait to read SS&D series, plus M. Leighton's Bad Boy series. They sound fantastic and I have heard nothing but amazing things about them! already "heard" my spazz attack on you know how I feel about this one! I am DYING to get my hands on this! I can't wait to see your review! EEPPP! ;p

    Ohhh...I also got Catching Liam. It sounds cute...and like you said, Scottish hottie...YES PLEASE!!!! Mmmm.....*sigh*

    LOOVE LOOVE Your haul! Hope you enjoy all your goodies!

    ~ Maida <3

  8. Just look at all that awesomeness!! *faints*
    Teresa, so many amazing books there, so many!!
    Origin... Oh, Origin!!! *flails about* And then Near & Far (can't wait to get to that one)

    And just look at all that M. Leighton goodness! Oh, and Catching Liam!

    Great book haul!! Oh yes!


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