Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Words or Topics That Will Make You NOT Pick Up A Book

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke And The Bookish

I struggled with this week's topic. I am usually willing to give anything a shot. There really isn't a specific type of book I avoid, the summary (or cover) just has to grab my attention. But I tried...

1. Horror- This doesn't always hold true, but I am not really one for scary books. I just can't handle them. I imagine terrible things and end up freaking myself out. I do on occasion read a scary book, but I never venture into the land of out and out horror.

2. Robots- Again, not always true, but usually. I don't really know why, they just don't appeal to me.

3. Non-Fiction- I just can't do it.... I can't... I try... but no.

And that is pretty much my list. I simply cannot think of anything else that really sends me running for the hills. There isn't much I won't at least give a shot. I failed at this week's list... oh well.

What made your list?


  1. Non-fiction is on my list this week too!

  2. Oh I couldn't agree more! I'd just add typical NA books because they're annoying me lately. Great list Teresa! :)

  3. I steer away from horror books too! Non fiction I don't mind occasionally so long as it's on a topic I like.

    Marilyn @ Marilyn's Mystery Blog

  4. Non-Fiction was definitely on my list. Not a fan and won't pick them up.

    Tyler-Rise @ The Reading Pile

  5. Same way for non-fiction!!! And robots are hard to like!
    I can't really read horror either, I don't like being scared!!!!!! Hahaha
    I like happy!! :)

    *muggle huggles*

  6. Definitely agree with 1 and 3. Not sure about robots. :)


  7. LOL Your list is great, Teresa! I think the only types of books I steer clear of are user manuals! :) Hmm...yep, that's about it. I thought I didn't like books with zombies, but then read some I liked. I thought I didn't like books with aliens and then...Daemon Black?!? Yeah, I love me some aliens. I've even read some non-fiction books that I LOVED. User manuals though? I used to write them for a living so they are something I try to avoid! :)

  8. Agree with you on the horror! Enjoy a little mystery but horror is a no no for me!

    My TTT

    Ally @ Book Fixation

  9. Yeah, non-fiction books aren't really my thing either sadly. D:
    Great short list! ;D

    My TTT

  10. I had trouble coming up with 10 for my list too!
    Robots. I should add that to mine too!

    My TTT

  11. This was definitely a hard one this week. Completely agree with you on non-fiction... Blech! I agree with you on Horror- but it's not that I don't care for it, I just haven't found a very good one as of yet! I don't know if I'd like a book about robots. I guess if it were interesting enough of a synopsis, I'd give it a shot. Great list girl!

  12. Oh yeah, those three are definitely on my list. Would you believe that I used to read a lot of autobiographies?!
    Thanks for sharing, Teresa!

  13. I've actually had a bit of interesting in robots/cyborgs lately, though I haven't found or read much yet. The same for horror--I can't stand the movies, but I want more horror in YA! And a huge YES to nonfiction--it almost always bores the crap out of me.

    Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf


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