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Release Day Event: Inhale, Exhale by: Sarah M. Ross (Review and Giveaway)

Release Date: May 7, 2013
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Source: I received a copy of this book as a part of the Release Day Event in exchange for a fair and honest review.

"Jillian had a plan: celebrate the end of her first year of college with an amazing summer full of beaches, barbeques, and bonfires. When her mom insists she needs a summer job, and her boyfriend spends more time with his band than with her, Jillian’s plans go down the drain.
Grant had a plan: finish his Masters, get a great job at Google, and get the hell out of Georgia. He might be giving up some of the fun of his youth, but he knows his all work and no play method would be worth it when his dreams come true.
But things never go according to plan.
When temptation brings them together and tragedy tears them apart, Jillian and Grant will be forced to choose: fight for their dreams, or fight for each other."

My Thoughts:

I found this to be a very cute and sexy read. It has everything you expect and want in a New Adult read. There were some really steamy moments to be found and the story is overall enjoyable.

Our premise here is a classic one. We have our main gal Jillian, who has been with her boyfriend Christian since high school. Christian was the typical popular guy and we all know how those guys turn out to be most of the time. Really Jillian is with him because she is comfortable with him. Then she meets Grant, who shakes up all that comfort.

While I had some trouble connecting to Jillian, I really and truly loved Grant. Grant is not your typical love interest. Of course he is gorgeous, but not in the dangerous and bad boy way. Grant is more of a nerd and I absolutely loved that about him. He is smart and driven and knows what he wants in life. He is also very very sweet and I really just wanted to smush him.

As a whole, I really enjoyed this book, but there were some drawbacks for me. I really struggled with Jillian and Christian. I could not understand why she deluded herself for so long. It was blatantly apparent that she was not longer attracted to him in any way. Also, normally cheating in a book doesn’t bother me because I just take the story as it is and move on. But with this book, for some reason, I struggled with it. Despite Christian being a royal jerk, I just didn’t like the way Jillian handled it.

Overall Inhale, Exhale is a good read. It is very sweet but still has some darker undertones and moments. The story is gripping and will keep you glued to the pages. I am very glad I got the opportunity to experience this story.

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About The Author:

Sarah Ross started her obsession with reading at an early age, getting in trouble for sneaking BabySitter Club and Nancy Drew books into math class in elementary school. She would read any fiction book she could get her hands on. Sarah knew it was an addiction when instead of grounding her from TV or music, her mom would take away her books as punishment (The Horror!). Her love of all things paranormal was inspired by her good friend Laurie, who convinced Sarah that books with vampires, witches, and all things shifter were amazing. After a little reluctance, she gave it a shot with the Sookie Stackhouse books, realized she was right, and the rest was history. Sarah grew up in Pittsburgh, graduated from The University of Pittsburgh with a degree in English, and taught 8th graders to love reading as much as she does for several years. She will always be a proud member of the Steelers Nation, but couldn’t take the cold and moved her frozen tush to Florida where she now lives with her family and two cats. You will find Sarah now with her trusty Kindle in hand and toes in the sand! Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


  1. I've been hearing some good things about this one. I really love your very fair and balanced review.
    Great job, Teresa!

  2. I am all about some sexy, but it would be weird for me reading a na book with the name jillian since that is my 16 month old, lol.
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  3. I love romance! :D
    Mary G Loki


  5. I just LOVE New Adult and I can't wait to pick this one up and see how it turns out. I just love stories like this one! :D I can't wait to meet Grant! ;p Awesome review, Teresa!

    ~ Maida

  6. I cant wait to read this :) I love new adult books :) Since I am in college I love reading about college age characters and mix that in with summer and romance?? Im sold!

    Amber @Nala's Book Blog


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