Saturday, May 11, 2013

Character Spotlight: Sydney Sage

This week for my character spotlight I wanted to spotlight someone who is a bit different. I also wanted to spotlight a chick since my last two were guys. While there are a lot of great kickass heroines out there, I kind of wanted to choose one who is strong in a different way. So I went with Sydney Sage from Bloodlines by Richelle Mead. 

Sydney is not your normal heroine. She is strong, but she is strong in a different way. Put her in a fight and she will try her best and she will not give up, but she is not a Rose Hathaway kind of character and fighting is not her thing. However, Sydney is strong in her own way. Sydney is smart and I mean she is REALLY smart. There is no problem she cannot think her way out of.

I’m not going to lie. I was not Sydney’s biggest fan in the beginning and I still struggle with her at times. However, I appreciate her character and what she represents. She is a character that relies on her intelligence. I also think she is a more relatable heroine. She struggles with the things she has been taught her whole life. Which is something I think anyone can relate to. We are all taught things as we grow up, but there always comes a time when we start to question and come up with our own beliefs. I also like that she shows girls that you do not have to be a crazy strong kickass character to be strong. She shows you can be a normal, quiet girl and still be extraordinary. 

Also, I LOVE the way she reacts to Adrian, especially in the beginning. Everything he does seems to shock her and I just love that. I also love that while what he does shock her, she also finds it funny on some level. I love watching the inner debates she has. This girl is very stubborn and a pro at resisting! 

All in all, while Sydney may not be my favorite heroine, I love that she is a different heroine. I cannot see what she does next. 

Favorite Sydney Quotes: 
“Also, I didn’t trust any guy who used more styling products than I did.” – Bloodlines 

“In fact I was fairly certain there was no one in the entire world quite like Adrian Ivashkov.” –The Golden Lily 

“Sorry, Ms. Terwilliger. I'm flattered that you think I'm such an upstanding person, but I'm already caught up in one epic battle of good versus evil. I don't need another.” –The Golden Lily


  1. I completely agree with you! I was afraid and a bit disappointed at the start of Bloodlines. I mean we all loved Rose and it was hard to beat her, but like you said Sydney is different. I still prefer Rose but I'm getting to meet Sydney and really like her too :)

  2. Nice spotlight! I love her too, for how she made out from every trouble with her own way, and with working and thinking hard.
    Love this one!

  3. Great character spotlight!! Sydney sounds like a different kind of character!

  4. I love a heroine I can relate to, and I adore those quotes! I need to meet Sydney! Awesome character spotlight, wifey! <3

  5. What a great spotlight! I admit to not being a huge fan of Sydney's, but I always admire her. Thanks for sharing!


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