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Book Review: With All My Soul (Soul Screamers #7) by: Rachel Vincent

Release Date: March 26, 2013
from HarlequinTEEN
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"What does it mean when your school is voted the most dangerous in America? It's time to kick some hellion butt...
After not really surviving her junior year (does "undead" count as survival?), Kaylee Cavanaugh has vowed to take back her school from the hellions causing all the trouble. She's going to find a way to turn the incarnations of Avarice, Envy and Vanity against one another in order to protect her friends and finish this war, once and forever.

But then she meets Wrath and understands that she's closer to the edge than she's ever been. And when one more person close to her is taken, Kaylee realizes she can't save everyone she loves without risking everything she has...."

My Thoughts:

I have been waiting for this book what feels like forever, and the wait for it was oh so worth it. It was everything I hoped it would be and so much more. I love when a series gives you a conclusion that is just perfect in every way possible. I am so happy to have my conclusion, but at the same time I am seriously going to miss these characters. It was very hard to say goodbye!

Kaylee will forever be an absolute favorite of mine. She is such an incredibly strong heroine. She always does what she thinks is right and has no problem risking herself for those she loves. If people doubted her love for her friends and family before, there is no way they can doubt it now. I just love her determination and the way she perseveres.

Then there is Tod and I LOVE him, simple as that. From the very first book I knew I was going to love him. When he made the transition from secondary character to full blow love interest, I was ecstatic. I love his sense of humor and his devotion to his family and how he is willing to do anything for Kaylee. Their relationship is so sweet and so beautiful and just perfect. I have said it before, but it is worth repeating, they make more sense as a couple than Kaylee and Nash ever did. They are perfect for each other and there are no petty insecurities.

Ahhh, Nash. I still have my issues with him, but I was happy to see him grow in this one. Then there is Sabine, who I have grown to really appreciate and even like. She just tells it like it is without reservation. Emma is another one that I love and I really felt for her in this book.

The plot in With All My Soul is fantastic. I couldn’t figure out where the story was going. I was so caught up in the world that I didn’t even try to guess, I just enjoyed the ride. While Before I Wake still remains my favorite of the series, this one is a very close second. I loved the way the story wrapped up and I loved taking the journey with these characters. The world Rachel Vincent created is just frightening. The hellions are not something I ever want to encounter. It seems as if poor Kaylee has caught the attention of so many of them and then this book introduces yet another hellion who has an interest in her. It seems as if she has gotten herself into a mess that she can’t get out of without great sacrifice. I was on the edge of my sea the entire book and when everything climaxed I was literally freaking out. It was just crazy!

All in all, With All My Soul is a fabulous conclusion to one of my favorite series. If you have not read this series yet, I highly recommend you do.


  1. I read the first book in this series and haven't picked up the next in line. Looks like I need to change that soon. :)

  2. Great to hear that the ending was perfect in so many ways even when sad to see a series end
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  3. Oh, yes, the wait was definitely worth it! And it was so so hard to say goodbye to this wonderful series and even more amazing characters!

    Oh and Tod, love me some Tod! Girl, this review was fabulous!! And you just talked about everything I loved and enjoyed agree on!

    This will be a series that I will re-read whenever I can!! I'm missing Tod already...

    Great review, my friend XD

    1. I am already dying to re-read the series... or at least the last three... skip right over the Nash era lol

  4. I hate to say goodbye to this series (and I haven't read WAMS yet) but I'm so glad that it's ending on a good note, Teresa. I'm happy to see that you are happy :) with how Rachel ended things. I hope to read it very soon! Oh, and I LOVE Tod too! ;)

  5. So ecstatic to hear that this is a great conclusion to a fabulous series! You've really got me excited to get back to it and finish this one. I LOVE Tod and this series. This one is special to me because it's one of the series that brought us together!! Excellent review, wifey - so happy you loved this one! <3


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