Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekly Recap 2/17/2013

Goodreads Links:
If You Stay by: Courtney Cole
Grave Mercy by: Robin LaFavers
Beautiful Bastard by: Christina Lauren
Frostbite by: Richelle Mead
Spirit Bound by: Richelle Mead
Clash by: Nicole Williams
The Indigo Spell by: Richelle Mead

Beautiful Creatures by: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
Fall For Me by: KA Last
The Gin Lovers Part 1 by: Jaime Brenner

Waiting On Wednesday: Crush by: Nicole Williams

Other Fun:
Blog Tour (Review, Guest Post, and Giveaway): Fall For Me by: KA Last

My Song Pick:


  1. I loved Grave Mercy and The Indigo Spell, hope you do too! Enjoy your reads! :)

  2. I usually ALWAYS fail when I try not to buy books..... It's just sooooo hard!!!! And why would we want a cure! *giggles* best addiction to have :D

    And I can't wait till you read If You Stay and I hear your thoughts on it *eepp* Beautiful Bastard, well, I like the look of that one!

    OOHHH CLASH!!Ohhh Jude!!!

    Looks like you got some amazing books Teresa!!! Loved this vlog!!

    Magen Corrie

  3. Yay! Vampire Academy! That's one of my all-time favorite series. And I can't wait to see what you think of If You Stay. Enjoy!

  4. WOOT WOOT FOR VA!!!! :D We already talked about this, but I just can't pass this up.....VAMPIRE ACADEMY IS FREAKIN AWESOME!!! LOL ;p I'm so happy you finally got them all! And I'm actually jealous you started VA late...I got the books as they were coming out...ALL OF THEM...ONE MISERABLE YEAR AFTER ANOTHER! *sigh* But, still my all time fav series! Love it! I could talk about this all day...

    And I still have to get If You Stay and Crash series. I have heard amazing things about both of them, so I'm excited to pick them up! :)

    I can't wait to see your thoughts on the new books!

    Awesomesauce vlog, Teresa! :)

    ~ Maida

    1. Forgot to say...still jealous and freakin out of my mind about Indigo Spell. Let;s just leave it at that...

    2. Haha yea it was nice reading VA late.. I literally flew though all six books in like four or five days. It was awesome! I am spoiled now having to wait for the Bloodlines books haha. AND I HOPE YOU GET THE INDIGO SPELL SOON WE NEED TO DISCUSS!

  5. Awesome vlog and book haul! Psshhhh... there is no cure, and we wouldn't want one if there was! Right? Grave Mercy was a book I begrudgingly read at the insistence of a fellow blogger. I thought I would dislike it but ended up being pleasantly surprised! It was great! I've been eyeing Beautiful Bastard and If You Stay - can't wait to hear what you think of those! Congrats on the book pretties!

    1. Oh YAY! I have been eyeing Grave Mercy for a while, so glad to hear you enjoyed it too! And I am so excited to start Beautiful Bastard. I think I'll read that one next


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