Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekly Recap 2/10/2013

I was easily distracted in my vlog this week...

Goodreads Links:
The Gin Lovers by: Jamie Brenner
The Way We Fall by: Megan Crewe
Whispers At Moonrise by: C.C. Hunter
Drowning Instinct by: Isla J. Bick
The Vincent Boys by: Abbi Glines
Burn For Burn by: Jenny Han and Siobahn Vivian
Blessed by: Tonya Hurley
Magisterium by: Jeff Hirsch
Stormdancer by: Jay Kristoff
Beta by: Rachel Cohn
The Dark Divine by: Bree Despain
The Raven Boys by: Maggie Stiefvater
Ironskin by: Tina Connolly
Crash by: Nicole Williams

Rogue by: Rachel Vincent
Ruining You by: Nicole Reed
The Vincent Boys by: Abbi Glines


Other Fun:

Random Song:


  1. Ooh, I loved Ironskin. It's so cool! I also love TVB, obviously. I must read Crash soon. Enjoy the books!

  2. YAY for giveaway wins!!! I'm so happy for you. And the books you got...WOW...I actually haven't read Beta yet or Burn For Burn. I actually don't know why I haven't picked that one up either. And Iron Skin....GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE! I got that one last week or 2 weeks ago, and was going to do it for the PNR challenge too! Ohhh...we could do a buddy read and see how we both like different parts! What do you think!?? I'm already excited! LOL ;p And I can't wait to read Crash soon too.

    Awesomesauce haul, Teresa! And I'm sorry about the hectic work. :( I hope all your books totally rejuvenate you! I know how you feel, for me it's been school and a Calculus exam and I just can't get the time to read or post things. *sigh* We seriously need to change our priorities! *snicker*

    ~ Maida <3

    1. Haha I would love to buddy read but idk if I can right now. I'm super busy at work so I'm doing most of my reading in marathons on the weekend :(

  3. It does look like you had a good book week, and I'm sorry about work :( That did have to suck!! Yay for books!!!

    Now, isn't just getting Crash in the mail wonderful!! That totally made my day!! *swoons* I'm dying for Crush too!!!! (the names are confusing XD) ha ha

    I need to get to The Vincent Boys, sigh, it just sounds amazing!!

    SO MUCH GREATNESS!!!! Congratulations on all the books!! :D

  4. Holy Book HAUL!!! If ever there was a time you needed to receive so many awesome goodies, it was after the week you endured! Congrats on all! Also, I love how distracted you got in the vlog! That would SO be me!!

    1. Haha right? I just kept stopping to read the backs of the books lmao


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