Sunday, January 20, 2013

Weekly Recap 1/18/2013

I'm weird... I know

Goodreads Links:
Devoured by: Emily Snow
Ethan by: PT Michelle
Neverfall by: Brodi Ashton
Madly by: M. Leighton
Madly and Wolfhardt by: M. Leighton
Awakened by: Ednah Walters
Betrayed by: Ednah Walters
Hunted by: Ednah Walters

Release by: M.R. Merrick
For The Love Of A Vampire by: M. Leighton
Ruining Me by: Nicole Reed


Other Fun:

Random Song:


  1. I love your weirdness!!!!!!!!! Oh you got the Madly books (you are gonna fall in love with Jackson) and Ethan!! Loved them all!!!!! :D (Sorry, coffee hehehehe) I haven't heard of Ednah Walters, but lookie at those covers! *giggles*

    I also love, just love the Devoured :) Look at that tattooed arm... ooohhh mmyyyy *fans myself* *coughcough* Sad that is wasn't an amazing book though.. cause damn that cover....

    Omg! You mention me!! *passes out*

    I'm back!! You got some amazing books, Teresa!! :D Totally agree with review request books... yup *nods head in agreement*

    Loved this vlog, loved all the books you got! You had a great week :)

    PS. Love the song! I need to read that book!!!

    1. Haha I can always count on you to appreciate my weirdness lmao!

  2. I think you're adorable!

    I can't wait to read Ethan; I love him! I still need to buy Devoured. I think you'll love the Madly series.


  3. Looks like a lot of great books! I loved Devoured!Have a great week!

  4. Na! Not cray cray, just gorgeous! I love watching your Vlogs! It makes me not miss you quite so much when I'm a terrible lazy ass blogger and don't get here as often as I want to!
    Nice haul this week lady! =D
    I've been really bad I haven't posted a haul for weeks, one of these days I might work up the courage to do a Vlog too! Though it would more than likely be a 20 minute vid of me going I <3 books, blah blha blah . . . . where was I? ;)
    Happy reading, lovely!

    1. You should do a vlog and then it will be almost like we have met in real life haha

  5. Oh my gosh, I love how you freak out over the littlest things (I totally do that btw! ;p)!! I am so excited to read Devoured, I've heard amazing things about it and it sounds hot and I also heard the main guy has tattoos (You know how much I love those! TEEHEE XD).

    I actually have the Guardian Legacy series and Madly series on my TBR but I haven't gotten a chance to read them, I think I'll wait for your reviews and see how you like them first but so far I like what I'm hearing.

    Awesome haul Teresa! :) Hopefully, I can get to these books soon too.

    Oh..and did I mention how much I love the covers for the GL series and Devoured??? Can you say sexy and gorgeous!! *sigh* And people say don't judge a book by it's cover.....uhh...HAVE YOU SEEN SOME OF THESE COVERS!!!??? *duh moment*

    LoL ;p Okay, okay..I'm done!

    Loved your vlog. Always manage to make me smile! :)

    ~ Maida <3 (your number 1 fan!)

    1. Arent those covers just awesome! And I'm sure I'll love Madly cause its M Leighton and she rocks my socks


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