Saturday, November 10, 2012

Character Spotlight: Cash Davenport

So, most of the time I feature characters here that are somewhat paranormal or from some fantasy land. But what about the regular old guys? That is what I realized this week and that is why I picked a contemporary character to spotlight this week. I went with Cash Davenport from Down To You by M. Leighton. Okay, I know I wouldn’t consider him a regular old guy either, but he is from a contemporary novel and doesn’t have fangs or wings or anything like that.

Cash Davenport is a character that I fell head over heels in love with the moment he walked into my life. M. Leighton really knows how to give characters an entrance, and I have yet to find one that tops Mr. Davenport here. He walked into the book and literally stole the show. I mean it is hard to top an entrance where the guy takes his shirt off immediately.

Cash is a bad boy and he knows it. However, he is a bad boy I would not mind getting to know. He skirts that line between bad boy it’s okay to know and bad boy you really need to stay away from. He is just enough danger for it to be fun. He is sexy, sweet, smart, driven, compassionate, and edgy all rolled up into one lovely Cash package.

I can’t say too much about Cash without giving away spoilers and I would never do that with this book, because this book needs to be fully enjoyed by all. So if you have not read it yet, stop reading this and go do that now.

Cash is the kind of character I love, because he is realistic. Yes he is uber yummy, but he is also flawed. Cash is not perfect and he does make mistakes. However, he also tries to make up for those mistakes. He doesn’t always know which course of action to take and sometimes he chooses the wrong one, but then again sometimes he chooses the right one. I love that Cash is not the flawless guy that can do no wrong, because characters like that are simply boring and Cash is anything but boring.

Cash Davenport *sigh* is a character I highly recommend you meet. I simply cannot wait to see more of him in the sequel to Down To You.

Favorite Cash Quotes:
“Hearing her laugh is like listening to the best kind of symphony.” 

“You’ve never ridden a motorcycle before?”
“What kind of bad-boy girlfriend are you?” I ask in mock dismay. 
“Evidently a terrible one.”
I swing onto the bike and grab my only helmet. “Nah, you just haven’t met the right bad-boy.” 

“I promise you won’t regret it. I promise to make you feel things and enjoy things you never even thought of before. I’ll make every night the best night of your life until you say it’s over.” 

“But you don’t get social with your employees,” I remind him quietly. 
“I’d made an exception for you.” His face is getting close and closer. Slowly. A centimeter at a time.
“But it’s your rule.”
“I’ll break it for you,” he whispers.
“No, don’t do that,” I say breathlessly. 
“Fine, then you’re fired,” he says just as his lips meet mine.”  


  1. Love those quotes! Especially the motorcycle one. ;) Cash Davenport sounds like y sort of character so I can't wait to read this book.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Okay, so it took me awhile to actually start reading your character spotlight... I had to stare at the cover, I mean seriously, I love that cover. Just can't help but stare at. *stares, pats, continues to stare*

    I fall hard for Cash, too, and doesn't M. Leighton know how to make such friggin' awesome/smexy guys!! She has a talent, a wonderful talent :) I love this character spotlight girl, and those quotes!!! Love!!!! Oh my Cash:)

    1. Haha that cover is to die for! I remember being floored when I first saw it, it was just so purdy.

      M. Leighton really can make very schmexy guys! This is why I am on a mission to read ever single book of hers. My next one is Blood Like Poison.

      Glad you like the quotes cause I had a hard time narrowing my choices down hehe

  3. Sigh.... Cash is a such a hottie. And those quotes are to die for. Thanks for sharing!

  4. *Swoon* I'm definitely crushing on Cash! Then omg those quotes! <3

  5. Okay, where would I be, if you didn't introduce me to such awesomeness Teresa!?? I so need to meet Mr. Davenport....and quite possibly kidnap him..(forever). I can't wait to read this! :D

    If you haven't already guessed, I love these posts of yours! Awesome as always! Thanks for sharing, Teresa! :D

    Quick question: Is this available in paperback or just e-book?

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

    1. You will eat Cash up! I love him so so so much!

      haha I love that you love my character spotlights! Lets me know that at least one person out there enjoys them as much as I enjoy writing them! I think it is my own personal gush-fest haha

      I believe it is available in both paperback and eBook, but not everywhere in paperback. I think if you order it from her website, you can get one signed =]

  6. Great choice of quotes! Cash is just amazingly bad boy perfect! I loved this book. I'm going to read the second one hopefully this week...can't wait!


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