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Book Review: Rockoholic by: C.J. Skuse

Release Date: November 1, 2012 from Scholastic
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Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
"She's got it bad, and he ain't good -- he's in her garage?

"I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me..."

Gonna have to face it: Jody's addicted to Jackson Gatlin, frontman of The Regulators, and after her best bud Mac scores tickets, she's front and center at his sold-out concert. But when she gets mashed in the moshpit and bodysurfs backstage, she's got more than a mild concussion to deal with. By the next morning, the strung-out rock star is coming down in her garage. Jody -- oops -- kind of kidnapped him. By accident. With a Curly Wurly candy bar. And now he doesn't want to leave.

It's a rock-star abduction worthy of an MTV reality series...but who got punk'd?!"

My Thoughts:

Before I really get started on this review, I think I should let it be known that this book is not very realistic. The situations the characters get themselves into will have you rolling your eyes if you go in to this book with the wrong mindset. This is the kind of book where you just have to accept the crazy and go with it. If you can do that, you will probably enjoy this book.

Going into Rockoholic, I expected a very fun and very lighthearted read. That is not what I got, not at all. I still enjoyed it; it just was not at all what I was expecting. Maybe this is just how I took it, because I have seen some reviews saying what a fun lighthearted read it was, but I just could not see it that way at all. Maybe it is because I am a “rockoholic” like Jody. When I love a band, I really love them. Not to the extent that Jody did, where they became her whole life, but I cannot imagine what it would be like to meet the lead singer of my favorite band and then have him be a jerk. I didn’t find anything lighthearted in the fact that Jody poured herself into a band because she felt like she had nobody else. Yes, she gets into some crazy situations, but the underlying reasons behind these situations were sadder than they were funny. I didn’t think it was funny that Jody tried to change herself so she could impress a rock star and I didn’t find it funny that she had such bad self-esteem issues. All that being said, I really enjoyed the story. I liked watching Jody struggle through this and watching her character grow and ultimately become a better person. Maybe I feel so strongly about this because Jody reminded me a lot of myself as a teen, even though she was more extreme than I was.

Jody was a character that I felt very bad for. She threw all of her pain into The Regulators and obsessed over them to the point where she kidnapped one. As I said before, it was upsetting watching Jody learn that her hero (Jackson Gatlin) was not everything she built him up to be. I feel like this book really drove home the point that sometimes we forget that our heroes are people too and that they are not the perfect people we make them out to be. Jackson himself puts it best when he says “Never meet your heroes, Jody. You’ll always be disappointed… They’ll either turn out to be complete monsters or complete bores.”

Now I know I kind of went on and on about how I didn’t think this was a lighthearted book, but that does not mean it is without its funny moments. There were some moments that had me laughing out loud and Jody really does have a knack for getting herself into trouble. A lot of these funny moments came from Cree. Cree is Mac’s (Jody’s best friends) little sister. Cree is two and just a bundle of cute. Now speaking of Mac, his character was the voice of reason. He would call Jody on her crazy and tell her when she was going through with an incredibly bad idea. However, in the end he always helped her because that is what best friends do. He never abandoned her, even when she pushed their friendship to the limits.

Now what would this review be if I did not mention the rock god himself; Jackson Gatlin. Jackson exemplified every bad stereotype out there about rock stars. He was a jerk to put it simply. He was needy and demanding and a druggie to boot. However, Jackson isn’t without his issues. There is a reason he is the way he is and it really is no wonder he doesn’t want to leave after Jody kidnaps him. One complaint I have centers around this a bit. I felt like the middle just dragged. I was like, yes I get it, Jackson is messed up and Jody feels responsible, let’s get on with it already.

One thing I really love was the way the author described the concert. She hit it right on the head. I go to concerts like this all the time and they really get as crazy as the author described. People do get hurt and you have to be prepared to push and shove your way through the night. You will wake up the next day with bruises and a ringing in your ear.

Overall Rockoholic is a good read. While the ending is a bit predictable, it was still a good ending. I enjoyed Rockoholic and would recommend it to contemporary fans.


  1. When I read other reviews for this book I also felt it was going to be a light, cute read. I am glad though you gave me a more honest and realistic review of the book. I still very much want to read it.

    I also like that you pointed out that people aren't perfect, and if we build someone up to be, then realize they aren't it can be very tragic when we see them fall. It seems that is a big part of the book.

    I've been to concerts and to Warped Tours, they can be very brutal, so I'm glad the author did a good job describing them! All in all, I will read this one, not immediately but later :)

    Great review Teresa!!!!! :)

    1. I think you will enjoy it, it just isnt a book I would rush to read. When you find time yes, but there are other books I would read first.

  2. Great review! I was definitely someone who went in thinking that this book would be realistic and cute. However I liked that it was crazy and I still found it to be pretty fun at times. There was definitely a lot of drama though. I also loved how the concert was described! I have been on a quite a few mosh pits and it was described perfectly!

    1. I liked it and I thought it had lots of fun moments, but I just thought the overall premise was much more serious than it originally let on.

  3. I thought this would be light, too. I'm okay w/a heavier vibe, but I don't like going in blind. I'm glad you enjoyed this. Great, great review!

    1. Yea I was a bit caught off guard. I was reading and just kept thinking "is this supposed to be funny? Cause I don't think it is". Then again it could just be the way I perceived it. Everyone sees books a bit differently.

  4. This is one has been on my TBR list for a while, and I was looking forward to it. I also heard it was a fun and easy read....but your review tells a different story. I'm kind of hesitating to pick this one up now, but I will have an open mind.

    I like the sound of the characters and you know what...I really like the fact that Jackson isn't perfect....because that's what makes characters seem more realistic. Having perfect characters becomes too it's nice to have something different to look forward to. :D

    Just one quick question - the ending to it a HEA kind or bitter-sweet??

    Awesome review, Teresa! And thank you for being honest about it! :D

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

    1. You should deff still read it. It is a good read just not what I expected. I too liked that Jackson wasn't perfect and I liked watching him grow. Umm I'm not sure how I would classify the ending. Can I say it was a bittersweet happily ever after? Lol. It kinda falls somewhere between the two. I'll say it's good and has an overall happy vibe.

    2. That's good to know! And the ending has me curious now. LOL ;p


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