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Character Spotlight: Villains: Valentine and Sebastian (The Mortal Instruments)

So we are coming to the end of my Villains Character Spotlights (wahhhhh). There is only one more after this and that one will be on Halloween and will feature who I think is the best villain ever! This one however contains a very close second to the best villain ever title. (Side note: Warner from Shatter Me did not make this list because I heart him and plan to do a regular spotlight on him soon). Anyway, this spotlight is on two awesome villains from one awesome series; Sebastian and Valentine from The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.

Both Valentine and Sebastian are truly terrifying villains. It is really hard to decide who the worse of the two is. Both are terrible in their own way. Both are cool and calculated and if you ever see them lose their temper, well then you know you are in for a lot of trouble. They are incredibly smart and have a way of causing lots of trouble. They also both have a mission and it is not a good one. The other thing, they both truly believe in their mission and will do nearly anything to see it succeed.

Let’s start with Valentine since we meet him first. Valentine has always been one of my favorite villains because he truly believes in his goal. Yes, he plans to cause loads of trouble along the way, but he thinks he is doing what is right. I still hate him, don’t get me wrong, but it is a bit easier to understand a character like this. I also like him because he is capable of being funny. While he is a jerk, he still knows how to make a joke. I enjoyed seeing him and Clary fight and I really enjoyed watching Clary surprise him at every turn.

On to Sebastian. Sebastian is simply crazy and just wants to watch the world burn. Frankly, I enjoyed watching him attempt to make the world burn. Do I hate him? Of course! But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy watching the journey and the trouble he causes, because let’s be honest a story without a villain isn’t much of a story at all. There has to be that guy you hate, and Sebastian fills that role perfectly. He is truly evil and his mission is to turn the Shadowhunter world on its head and change everything they thought they knew. He also has a weird need for companionship, probably because he never really had it. He clings to Jace and Clary for all the wrong reasons and wants to corrupt them. I am dying to see what he throws their way in City of Heavenly Fire.

For the many reasons I listed and oh so many more, Sebastian and Valentine are two of the best villains out there and the same great lady created them both! 


  1. I agree! They are definitely some of the best villains I've read. Love this series! Can't wait for the movies! (Even though I'm scared crapless that I won't like it)

    1. I'm really excited for the movies too! I absolutely love the cast they picked!

  2. So, I'm gonna admit something.. I still haven't gotten to this series yet. I have read the first book though, and I loved it!! :)
    And you definitely picked some good villains!! They sound bad to the bone!
    'Sebastian is simply crazy and just wants to watch the world burn.' HAHHAHAA wow what a villain, this Sebastian sure sounds crazy!!

    Loved this post Teresa!!

    1. MAGEN! You seriously need to catch up on this series. This series is the reason I fell in love with urban fantasy. Once I read it, I went searching for more like it and I found awesomesauce books because of it. I have no doubt you will love it and Jace gahh!

  3. AHHHHH...I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE THIS SERIES!!!! Cassandra Clare really hit the jackpot with these two characters. They are so different yet so alike....not to mention terrifying! When I was reading City of Glass, I literally got goosebumps from Sebastian. What a freakin creep....*shudder* I have yet to read the 4 and 5 books but I am looking forward to them, especially after this post made me want to re-start the series. LOL ;p

    Thanks for the awesome post Teresa! Sorry I've been MIA, but I'm back now so prepare to read a lot of comments! XD

    Ohhh...and I can't wait to see who you pick as the Badass of all badasses, next week! :D

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

    1. I adore this series. I have read them countless times. You should really try and get to City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls Soon. COFA was a bit slower in my opinion but OMG I adored COLS!

      Thanks for stopping by, I always love your comments!


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