Saturday, October 6, 2012

Character Spotlight: Villains: Avari (Soul Screamers)

October is here which means a lot of changes. For one, I started my “big girl” job. I am very excited and incredibly nervous to be starting this new chapter of my life, but part of me wants to go back and start college all over again. October also means Halloween is coming. So I racked my brain and thought “how do I want to celebrate Halloween on my blog?” I thought and I decided that I would do so with my character spotlights and I’ll probably have a giveaway towards the end of the month. Back to the character spotlight, each week I am going to focus on a different villain. The villains that terrify us and the villains that are just too smart for their own good. Then on Halloween, I will have a spotlight on the villain I think is the best of all. For the kickoff, I decided to go with Avari from the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent.

Avari is a hellion of greed. What does this mean? Well basically, he thrives off of other people’s greed and looks to cause more of it in the world. He causes a lot of trouble for Kaylee and friends. For whatever reason, he takes a particular liking to Kaylee and becomes determined to gaining her soul and will make her life miserable until she does so. Coincidentally, he wants her soul so that he can make her miserable after her death.

Avari can come across as normal looking. He normally dons a suit and tie and sunglasses and upon first look is not all that impressive. However, when he takes his sunglasses off it is a whole new ballgame. His eyes are simply spheres of solid black and as Kaylee describes it: “Looking into Avari’s eyes was like looking into the depths of oblivion. Into the distillation of nothingness. He was the very absence of all things light and good.”

Simply put, Avari is creepy. He is also determined, which is the worst thing a villain can be. He wants Kaylee and refuses to give up, because he is greedy. Once he sets his sights on something, it is very unlikely he will give it up for any reason. He comes up with numerous ways to make life miserable for Kaylee from threatening everyone at her school to using her closest friends against her.

Avari is scary because there really is nothing he will not do. The fact that you never know what to expect from him is what gives him the ability to terrify. His actions cannot be guessed and if there is a line, you can bet that Avari will cross it.

Overall Avari is one of my favorite villains because I hate him. I feel like I should really hate the villain and that is definitely the case with Avari. 


  1. LMFAO...XD This is officially my favourite line of all time: "Avari is one of my favorite villains because I hate him!" *snicker* I love it! And I really like the Halloween/villain theme! And you always remind me in some way that I really need to start this series! I'm getting to it! *fingers crossed*

    Thanks for the awesome and fun post, Teresa! :D

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

  2. Sounds like he's a brilliantly written villain! I read the first one in this series and have 2-3 of the next books but I just haven't had time to get back to them. I really must do so. Congrats on your "big girl" job! :)

    1. Thanks! I hope you enjoy the series when you get back to it =]

  3. AAahhhhh!!! Love the idea of a Villain Character Spotlight!
    And that you chose a bad guy from Soul Screamers, love!!
    Avari, yup, that's a villain!!
    I love this series, and I really need to finish it!!

    Amazing as always Teresa :)

    Magen Corrie

    1. Glad you liked it. As for villains, I figured what better way to celebrate Halloween than with scary guys lol

  4. "Overall Avari is one of my favorite villains because I hate him." Ahahahahahahaaaa!!!
    Really great spotlight! Now I need to read this series. :D


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