Saturday, October 13, 2012

Character Spotlight: Queen Mab (The Iron Fey)

In  continuing my spotlight on villains, this week I went with someone who is icy cold: Queen Mab from the Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa.

Queen Mab is the definition of an ice cold b*tch. She is literally the ice queen. Mab is the ruler of the
Winter Court in the Nevernever and to keep it simple; let’s just say she is not a very fair ruler. Mab is also the mother of that very swoon worthy and lovable Ash. How Ash turned out the way he did with Mab for a mother is beyond me.

Mab makes life very difficult for Meghan Chase, mostly because she feels threatened by her (although she will never admit to that.) Mab is the kind of character that is cold and calculating and does not show much emotion, unless that emotion is anger. I feel like this makes her one of the scarier villains out there. She has no emotions, so she will never hesitate to do something terrible. The amount of lives she has ruined over the years is just way too high to even count. She steals children because she wants them and will freeze people in ice to keep them around simply for decoration.

While the typical scary and crazy villain is great, I find that sometimes a truly evil and calm villain can be a million times better. This is the case with Mab. She is so frightening because she can exude evil while staying completely calm.

Mab is the kind of character that is tough for me to understand. She is clearly evil, but definitely has a soft spot for Ash, whether she admits it or not. I do not think she could every truly harm him, no matter how far he pushed her. This rule does not hold true for anyone else. Most other people, if you sneeze wrong, she will freeze you in ice.

For all these reason and more, Mab is a villain worth spotlighting. She is truly evil through and through and she definitely has the ability to terrify.


  1. I really need to restart this series. I read the first two and then stopped because I couldn't get into it, but I hear so much good things about the series, so I really need to give it another go!

    1. It is one of my favorites! I hope you enjoy it when you get back to it =]

  2. Another series I am super excited to get my hands on. Funny thing is where I am looking forward to the main characters, the villains also sound very intriguing in their own ways. It seems they make the story much more interesting and not just for the characters....but also for the readers. And I for one am definitely looking forward to "meeting" Mab! :) Thanks for the post, Teresa! :D I always enjoy these!!

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

    1. hehe I am glad you like these, cause I like writing them and sometimes I feel they get neglected because they post on Saturdays and that seems to be a slower day for my blog =[


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