Saturday, October 20, 2012

Character Spotlight: Jeanine (Divergent)

For my villain spotlight this week, I wanted to go with a different kind of villain. I decided on Jeanine from the Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth.

Jeanine is not your typical villain because she is not evil just for evil's sake. She has a purpose and she truly believes that her purpose is just. Jeanine truly believes that she is acting on behalf of the greater good and that is what makes her all the more frightening.
Jeanine is an incredibly smart villain, which makes her terribly hard to outwit. She is the leader of the Erudite faction; a faction devoted to intelligence. According to Jeanine, all Divergent people are a threat to society and they also are the key to a very big secret. This secret will change everything everyone thinks they know. Therefore, Jeanine has made it her mission to seize control of the factions in order to protect them from this threat. 
Janine goes to incredible lengths and does some horrible things while on this quest of hers. The worst part, is that nothing seems to faze her. No matter how terrible or disturbing she just keeps moving on in a very cool and calculated way.

The reason I feel that Jeanine is one of the best villains out there is because of the way she is. She does not think she is evil, she simply thinks that sometimes tough choices must be made for the greater good. There is something incredibly frightening about Jeanine in the way she just moves along. As long as it serves her purpose, it simply does not bother her. She has no trouble taking control of hundreds of people and forcing them to do terrible things for her. She also does all of this with poise and confidence.

For all of these reasons and a lot more, Jeanine is truly one of the most intelligent and most frightening villains out there. She is the definition of scary smart.


  1. She really is evil. The fact that she controls such a huge amount of people with no hesitation.. man.

  2. LOL I love this feature!! I still sadly have not read Insurgent (I know the shame), but I am hoping to soon and I will keep my eye out for Jeannine =P Awesome post =)

    1. Ohhh Jeanine is a great villain! Hope you enjoy Insurgent!

  3. I have yet to read this series but every new thing I learn about it, makes me really curious to see how it turns out. This villain in particular sounds very....different but I definitely like the sound of her. It would be very interesting to meet her in person, don't you think? I would be scared out of my pants....and I agree dictators who do scary things for the "greater good" are the most scariest of all. *shudder*

    Thanks for sharing the awesome post, Teresa! :D

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

    1. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS SERIES! But be warned, you will fall madly in love with Four.


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