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Book Review: Pure & Sinful by: Killian McRae

Release Date: September 19, 2012
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Source: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

"Statistician Riona Dade knows all about probabilities. Still, even she'd tell you the chances of discovering you’re a witch, being appointed to the demon-slaying trio known as the Pure Souls, and finding yourself sinfully attracted to a catholic priest who uses amen and other four-lettered words with equal enthusiasm are pretty slim. Also learning your ex was once Hell’s first-round draft pick, and realizing you're a prize catch for Satan’s soul-damning quota leaves a girl feeling like she just won the lottery while being struck by lightning while riding a unicorn across Atlantis.

Trying to keep her mind off role playing the Thornbirds with Father Angeletti, Riona leads the Pure Souls against a maniacal menagerie of Mephistopheles’s minions plaguing greater Boston. Giving in to lust is a direct flight to damnation for both her and the priest, leading Riona to distract herself by striking up a romance with her new, foxy neighbor, Lucy. But she can't shake her attraction to Marcello, and as the tension between them grows thicker than a lumberjack’s beard, temptation may become too difficult to resist.

How long can they deny the pull growing between them, knowing there will be Hell to pay?"

My Thoughts:

Pure & Sinful was a book that I liked and enjoyed reading but just did not love. This novel focuses very much on the balance between good and evil and how those lines blur and it felt to me that much of the novel was very sexually driven.

The characters in Pure & Sinful were good, but I would not say that they were memorable. I liked them but there was nothing about them that made me go wow. Our main gal Riona is very spunky and the kind of character that can take care of herself. However she has the tendency to be annoying. Another character who annoyed me was Marc. Marc here is our forbidden love interest. I found it very hard to see what Riona saw in him, because all he did was make me crazy. Okay that is a bit of a lie, I saw what Riona liked in him, but for me he just still made me crazy despite that. My two favorite characters were Jerry and Ramiel. Both of them were just simply funny and had a very witty attitude. They also seemed the most real to me, which is funny because neither are human. 

The plot in Pure & Sinful was very intriguing with numerous twists and turns. However, I also found it confusing at moments. There were times when it was hard to follow where it was going or why it was going there. The story does come together and everything does make sense, but there were moments I had to re-read in order to process. The book is written in the third person and we all know I really enjoy this writing style. The writing style allowed me to understand each and every character and to really see where they were coming from. However, it was sometimes confusing following the switch from one character to the next. 

My biggest complaint with this book is that I felt all roads led to sex. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy steamy scenes as much as anyone else, but I felt a bit overwhelmed with this one. Not because they were overly descriptive (I’ve read much more descriptive) but because I felt like 90% of conversations somehow led to an innuendo, a steamy make out session, or someone taking their clothes off. It was just everywhere and I thought it didn’t need to be everywhere. The story and plot would have been good without any of it.

One aspect I did enjoy immensely was the blurring of moral lines within the story. I liked how a sin for one person may not be a sin for someone else. It shows how morality can be subjective. I liked that sin was the undertone for the book and how one action can change everything forever and also that sacrifice is sometimes necessary. It wasn’t a particularly happy book, but that made me like it more. 

All in all Pure & Sinful was an enjoyable read with a very Thornbirds feel to it. It is good, but not a favorite for me. Despite my complaints, I did enjoy this book and I do plan on reading the sequel.

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