Saturday, September 22, 2012

Character Spotlight: Ellie Monroe

I decided to keep going with spotlighting some kickass heroines, because I like strong female characters. This week I went with Ellie from the Angelfire series by Courtney Allison Moulton. Beware of spoilers.

Ellie is the definition of a strong heroine. She is intelligent, determined, strong, and she can kick your butt. However, Ellie refuses to leave her girly side behind. Despite being the preliator or the human incarnation of the angel Gabriel, she still wants to hold onto her teenage life. She enjoys going to school dances and parties and dressing up for Halloween. Also, she wants a boyfriend and not just anyone in particular, the one person she cannot have; her Guardian Will.

Ellie is not the type of heroine to hide behind someone else. She can handle herself in a fight and she is notorious in the reaper world. They fear her and they should fear her. She never backs down from a fight and even when she is afraid she always comes across as strong.

Aside from Ellie being the archangel Gabriel, she is just a teen. She strives to hold onto her normal life and her normal friends. She has an obsession with vampire shows and cold stone ice cream. By day she is a normal teenager, but by night she is the preliator. It is nice to see a character that is able to balance both aspects of her life, even if things do get out of hand.

One of the reasons I really like Ellie is the way she reacts to tough situations. For instance, once her and Will admit to their feelings for one another, they find out that it is forbidden. However, he is still her Guardian and they still need to work together. Despite it being difficult and despite the awkward tension between them, they still work together. They have a job to do and reapers to fight; plus Will still needs to train her. She handles the situation with dignity, even though she does get jealous and act like any teenager would in the situation.
Not only does she react well to tense situations, but she also manages to bounce back from some truly devastating circumstances. Things in Ellie’s life are never easy, but she always manages to move forward. I don’t want to say what event I am referring to in particular because it is a major spoiler, but if you read the books I am sure you know what I am referring to. An event that had the potential to ruin her didn’t because she was strong and she grieved, but then she looked at the bigger picture and began to move forward.

All in all, Ellie is simply tough and a force to reckon with. She does not take crap from anyone and always strives to get what she wants. Simply, she is a fabulous heroine.

Favorite Ellie Quotes:
“I have a ninja sitting shotgun. Of course, I'm tense.” –Angelfire

“I wondered, for a moment, if he was cuddly. Probably not.” –Angelfire

“Another one of my mystery skills I can't seem to remember. I really hope cooking is on that list, because I'd like to be able to make cupcakes without turning them into cement.” –Angelfire

“A demonic reaper asked to be my valentine and then killed his crazy ex-girlfriend to save my life. Tomorrow I was starting up antipsychotic meds.” –Wings of the Wicked


  1. I love strong heroines, too!! And Ellie definitely is one! I also like how she reacts in tough situations, she always seems to keep a level head, as best as she can.

    Ellie is an amazing character and I just loved your spotlight!! :D

  2. I'm not a fan of the Angelfire series, but I do like Ellie. She is a true heroine. Thanks for the spotlight!

  3. Gahhhh....after reading your spotlight I am just jumping to read this book! I love powerful heroines as well....and Ellie's personality sounds very charming! Ellie is my IDEAL main character so I have no doubt that I'll LOVE her! I am very excited to start this series!

    Amazing spotlight, Teresa! :D

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

    1. Ellie is great, she is so strong and the perfect heroine, plus she doesn't whine and I love that!

  4. OOh nice!! Ellie was a good character, I just didn't fall in love with the series like I had been hoping! Nice feature you have here though!

  5. I have to read this series! And Yay for smart, kickass heroines! There's nothing I love more than a girl who's not afraid to pull out the big guns in the don't-mess-with-me department!
    Great spotlight, Honey!


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