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Character Spotlight: Anna Korlov

To finish up my all female character spotlights for the month of September, I decided to go with Anna Korlov or better known as Anna Dressed In Blood. Also, what better way to kick off the month of October than with a spotlight on Anna. There will be spoilers for both Anna Dressed In Blood and Girl of Nightmares.

Anna is a very different kind of character. Anna is also not alive; she is a ghost, a murderous ghost at that. However, Anna is much more than that. She has a very dark backstory and it is hard to hate her. I actually feel sorry for her and her situation.

Anna is not simply Anna Korlov but she is also Anna Dressed in Blood. Anna Korlov is a sweet girl who lived with an incredibly overbearing mother. She was looking to spread her wings and leave home when on the night of a school dance she is brutally murdered. This is how she became Anna Dressed in Blood, who has no choice but to murder those who enter her house. However, in the afterlife she still holds on to the Anna Korlov side. She is incredibly scary but also incredibly intriguing. I find it hard to blame her for the things she does, because as the book goes on you learn that it is truly not her fault but the fault of a curse put on her at the time of her death. Anna hates herself for the things she has done and it is clear she wishes she could stop.
As noted, Anna has a very tortured past and her existence as a ghost has been a lonely one. It is hard to have friends or people to talk to when you are forced to murder anyone who steps foot in your house, that is until Cas comes along. Her and Cas strike up and unlikely friendship that leads to more. Cas finds that he relates to Anna like he has never related to any other living person. They can talk about things that they cannot talk about with others. Their romance is very different and I love it because of that. As Cas puts it “We’d be the fricking dragon and the wicked fairy.”

Anna is a very strong character. She is willing to help Cas and she encourages him when something from his past comes back. She is also willing to sacrifice. She demonstrates this when she practically walks into hell to save Cas. When she is faced with the horrors in hell, she does not break but somehow remains strong.

Anna is one of the most intriguing characters out there because she is not clear cut. She has numerous layers and they are peeled away one by one. She is dark and twisted, but still a good person. Anna is an interesting character that I think everyone should meet.

Favorite Anna Quote:
"Don't start that," Anna says. She walks away from me sharply. "Arthur without Excalibur was still Arthur." -Anna Dressed In Blood


  1. WOW! I am very impressed with Anna. And I have never read a book where the main character is from the "dark side" so to speak. I am very intrigued by that concept and I think it would be a whole new step for me to experience it. Plus, what I like most about Anna is the fact that she feels sorry for what she has done, even though she has no choice at all...and it isn't her fault. I haven't read the books, but even I feel sympathy for her! What a unique character! I love Anna already....and Cas! LOL ;p

    I am very much looking forward to reading this series.....very interesting and different! And I really like different, so there's that answer! :D

    Thanks for sharing the brilliant post, Teresa! :]

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

    1. Anna is one of my favorites simply because she is so different! Hope you enjoy her.

  2. Well there you go again! Making me want to read awesome books! Now I must drop out of school so I can focus on my reading. I blame you. I was going to be somebody, most likely President of the World! but now it has all gone down the toilet! Oh and I agree with Maida, truly a brilliant post, though also detrimentally life changing, but still seriously awesome!

    1. hehe nooo you still need to be President of the World! Don't let my crazy addiction and ramblings discourage you!

      Wouldn't life be amazing though if you could get paid to just sit around and read whatever books you felt like....

    2. Lol, I like your ramblings! And as far as addictions go, you have the best one! But I think I know how to make our dreams come true. My first order of business as President of the World will be to appoint you the Secretary of Literature. Your job will be to scout for books you like then read them and then read some more and then continue reading and then ramble about them. It's for the good of world, looks like you will have to take one for the team...

    3. That may be a tough job, but I think I would be perfect for the Secretary of Literature job. It will require lots of time reading and then rambling, but I think I can handle it.

      Oh.... it only *sigh*


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