Friday, June 22, 2012

Character Spotlight: Clary Fray

Since my last two character spotlights were guys, I thought I would write this one on one of my favorite heroines: Clary Fray. From the moment I began The Mortal Instruments series, I knew Clary was going to be different. She is short and spunky and never backs down from a fight. She always endeavors to do what she feels is right, even when others do not agree with her choices. Even when she is new to the Shadowhunter world and surrounded by people who have had years of training, she never stays behind and hangs in with the others.

Clary is an incredibly strong heroine. Not only is she strong in the "I can kick your butt" sense, but she is also intelligent and she has strong morals. While the lines between good and evil sometimes blur, she always does what she feels is good. Even when her whole world is turned upside down, she still manages to keep her head on her shoulders and stay focused on the task at hand. 

I'm not going to lie, part of the reason I like Clary is because of her relationship with Jace. Not because I like Jace and therefore my like of him is influencing how I feel about Clary; I am speaking more of their relationship as a couple. Both are willing to go to extraordinary lengths for the other and they succeed in making each other stronger. Clary is a strong girl, but when Jace is threatened or by her side, she is just that much stronger.

All in all, Clary is just a great character to read about and I enjoy getting lost in her stories. I have re-read these books countless times and I cannot wait for City of Heavenly Fire to see how everything pans out.

Now here is where I normally include my favorite quotes from the character. While I like a lot of Clary quotes there is one that stands out above the rest:

"Why are you always such an asshat?" -Clary Fray

What do you like about Clary? What is your favorite Clary quote?


  1. I totally agree. This is the one of the first series that really threw me into YA way back when, but I have always loved Clary and her strength. The fact that she was so willing to do ANYTHING for her mother and also for Jace. Great pick!

    1. Thanks! TMI was the book that really got me into the whole paranormal genre that didn't include vampires and I have nevre ever gotten tired of it!

  2. AGREE!!! Clary is one of the most originals heroines.

  3. I LOVE CLARY TOOO! She's badass, she's feisty and she doesn't take other people's shit! She's awesome! What I loved most about Clary is her loyalty to the people she loves, whether its family or friends, she always comes through for them! It's an admirable quality to have in a heroine....and Clary passes with flying colours! :D And LOL, my favourite Clary quote...WOW...there is a lot and I can't remember from the top of my head but yours definitely would have made my list! HILARIOUS! :)

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair

  4. Clary is one of my favorite characters because of how awesome she is, but i think Isabelle is sooo much more amazing!


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